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Celebrating Mabeline: A Tiny Woman with a Great Big Heart!

We are thrilled to share the incredible journey of Mabeline, our outstanding and IMPECCABLE CARE PARTNER! From war-torn Liberia to the United States, Mabeline’s caregiving spirit has shone brightly. After becoming a professional caregiver in 2004 and joining our Family Cares team in 2019, she has now achieved a milestone. On May 8, 2023, Mabeline became a United States Citizen! ????

Her Client’s Family added: “Congratulations to Mabeline. I am glad that a person so kind and caring, with a wonderful and warm sense of humor has become a fellow citizen. America needs more kind and compassionate citizens! In all my dealings with Mabeline over the past several years, she has never failed to brighten my day.”

Join us in celebrating Mabeline’s remarkable achievement and thanking her for being an exceptional caregiver and an exemplary citizen. Cheers to Mabeline, a shining example of making a difference!